The Best Healthy Weight Loss Diets

By | December 1, 2016

best healthy weight loss dietsToday, in general life, things seem to be getting more complicated by the day. It’s hard to be healthy and get all the work done that you need to do. What if you decided you want to lose weight? Take up one of those healthy weight loss diets that all your friends are raving about? There. Are. Millions. How can you even begin to decide what is best for you? What works even? That’s where this guide comes in. Listed below are some of the best and healthiest weight loss diets.

Raw Food Diet

This diet is relatively simple in concept, but a little more challenging and expensive in practice. The idea is that you shouldn’t eat any foods that have been cooked, seared, grilled, steamed or processed in any way. Only natural, uncooked, unprocessed foods. The belief is that when you cook foods, the nutrients that make these foods so right for you are released into whatever medium you are cooking them in, steam, water, oil or otherwise.

Because of the diets nature, many people can only eat fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts in their natural state. Although certain meats can be eaten raw, you have to be more careful, for obvious reasons. Many doctors state that people generally follow this diet with an 80% commitment, meaning they eat cooked foods sometimes, but not often. It can also be expensive, as many commit to juicers and dehydrators to keep on this diet. If you’ve got the time and money, you’re guaranteed to lose weight.Best Healthy Weight loss diets

HMR Program Diet

This diet is a common one. Mainly it surrounds meal replacement, coupled with metabolism boosting foods and small amounts of exercise. Swap out a healthy protein shake for breakfast, some fruit for lunch and a regular meal for dinner, and you’re halfway there. The idea is that it slowly incorporates healthy dietary changes that are sustainable, instead of going cold turkey on the cake straight away.

It’s three phase program teaches you to take the weight off and then keep it off in a healthy manner. Usually, it’s a regulated diet, so while being a little pricey, you don’t have to worry about making a lot of the decisions on your own. One of the most successful diets for healthy weight loss, if you’ve tried diets before that just don’t seem to work, this may be meant for you.


This diet, similar to the Raw Diet, is all about getting back to your roots and eating fresh, healthy food. Originally designed by the National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute, it focuses on reducing health issues rather than weight loss. That being said, it’s still an amazing diet to lose weight with, but more as a positive side effect of making sure your body is in peak condition.DASH Diet

The diet consists of healthy grains, vegetables, fruits and meats. Based on your weight, age and family history, you work out how many calories per day you should be eating, as well as the source of those carbohydrates. It’s all about balancing your intake and the nutrients you need. Relatively easy and super healthy, this plan is perfect for being the best you can be, heart, brain, and weight.

Weight Watchers

I am sure you have heard of this one. Working off key body factors, you receive an amount of ‘SmartPoints’ per day that you can essentially spend on any foods you want. It essentially is a program designed to help limit the most fattening of food and controlling portions of everything you eat. That’s right. It’s the WeightWatcher Diet.

With thousands of recipes and products to choose from, this diet allows you to eat the foods you love but encourages the healthiest. It’s a simple, easy method of losing weight, albeit slowly. Because it makes small changes in portion control, it helps people make informed decisions and subtle lifestyle changes. Weight loss slowly, after all, is weight kept off. This is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time to cook healthy foods regularly.

The Three Week Diet

This is an ideal plan for those that really want to lose the belly fat fast.  Do you have a to lose 5-15 pounds by next month?  For those of you that are getting ready for your wedding or the trip to the beach next month, look no further.  This diet comes in several stages.   The first stage being detox, followed by a short fasting phase then two different low carb stages.

The 3 Week Diet

It is laid out in an easy to follow program.  Even if you cheat a little you will still lose weight although if you follow it to the letter you will lose more.Paleo diet

Paleo Diet

You have heard about eating like a caveman, or cave woman; feeling great and losing weight.  The premise is that we eat today in a way that nature was not meant for us to eat.  So going back to our roots, way back to our roots we can actually have more energy and live a healthier lifestyle.  This is the basis for the Paleo diet.  Getting started really is not that difficult and overall it really is not that expensive to do.paleo cookbook

Overall, choosing a healthy weight loss diet that is right for you can be difficult. But once you find the right fit, the benefits are so worth it.

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