Only the Best Exercises Lose Belly Fat, The Top 9

By | December 10, 2016

Only the Best Exercises Lose Belly Fat, The Top 9The best way to lose body weight is by taking a healthy diet followed by perfect exercise daily. People believe that there is no sure way of dealing with body fat. However, there are many activities which you can choose to enjoy, have fun with and lose weight without realizing it. Since only the best exercises lose belly fat, we have given you our top 9 listed below.

#1. Long Arm Crunch

It is a form of traditional floor crunch whereby you hold your arms straight behind you, put a lever to move and proceed with the challenging exercise. This is great because it isolates the abs and makes it harder for other muscle groups to help.  You can do this by lying on the floor and extend your arms straight above your head.  Lay them on the ground and keep them in that position. You can then contract the abs slowly and raise your shoulders carefully off the floor.  While making sure your arms stay straight. You can do up to 3 set of 10-20 reps.

#2. Bicycle Exercise

This exercise is mostly targeting the six muscles in your abs. Hold your hands at the back of your head, take the knees to the chest as you raise your shoulders off the floor twisting. You can then bring your right-hand elbow towards the left knee as you make your right leg straight. Continue in the pedaling motion switching the sides.  Again you will want to do 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps each.

#3. Exercise Ball Crunch

In this exercise, you need an exercise ball. You can do this exercise by lying on the ball having your lower back supported fully. You can then put your hands behind your head. Then slowly lift your chest so your shoulders come off the ball by contracting your abs. Continue stabilizing the ball as you curl up.  This is a crunch you don’t need to do a complete sit-up. You then lower back down to stretch the abs. Adding the exercise ball increases your core strength through the balancing aspect of it. Doing 2-3 sets a day of 10-20 reps is a good workout.  exercise ball

#4. The Vertical Leg Crunch

The exercise can be performed similarly as the leg crunch except that the legs are straightened up. This forces the abs to work adding intensity to the routine. You can do it by lying, put the legs straight up, make the knees cross and put the arms under the head for support. You should alternate the ways your knees are crossed after each set of reps.  Doing this will ensure your muscles will be balanced. Contract abs lifting the shoulders above the floor and move the legs in a position you crunch. Doing 2-4 sets of 10-20 reps is a good place to be.

#5. Side Plank

The exercise is known to be challenging as compared with a traditional plank. Here, you support your body weight with only two contact points instead of four. In this case, one needs to work extra hard for stabilization.

The exercise is done by lying on the left, with the elbow directly under the shoulder and the legs stacked, put your right hand on the left shoulder or on the right hip. You can then support your abs lifting your hips up the floor until you balance on the forward arm and feet forming a diagonal line in your body. You can hold for up to 45 seconds. Switch sides and do the process repeatedly.  Do this 2-3 times per side per day. 

#6. Walking out From Push-up Position

The exercise is helpful as it involves the movement of the whole body. Here you can use your arms and legs as you incorporate resistance strengthening the entire core.

Starting in a push-up position, make the hands two inches wider than the shoulders and slowly move your hands out. Once they are as far out as you can get them while maintaining balance slowly move them back in.

Never let your body rest on the ground.  Always try to maintain your plank like position. Start out by doing it 3-4 times.  It is not a race, the slower you do it the better it is for your stomach. Over time try to work up to twenty exercises to lose belly fat

#7. Alligator Drag

In this type of exercise, you use your entire core to stabilize your body and burn additional calories by adding movement. It mixes stability, cardio and strength training to come up with quick results.

In this kind of exercise, you need to find a comfortable floor that enables you to go forward 10-20 yards and hold anything that slides over the surface with less friction. You can use plastic bags or dinner plates on a carpeted floor. On tile it is good to use towels.

You can start the process in a push-up position holding your feet on the slides, towels or plates. You can then walk your body forward until you reach the end of the area you are using. Hopefully, you can find a place that will allow you to go at least ten yards. Then you can rest for a period of 15-30 seconds. After recovering, repeat the walk back to where you started.  Doing this, there and back, two to three times during your exercise.

#8. Captains Chair Leg Lifts

In this excise, you need a captain’s chair that has a rack with padded arms. You do the exercise by; standing in the chair and grip hand holds.  While pressing your back against the pad slowly raise and lower the knees to the chest to contract your abs.  Try to do up to 3 sets with 10-20 reps per workout.

Ab Circles give six pack abs#9. Ab Circles

This is actually my favorite exercise for your abs. Like the alligator walk, you will want something to use as a slide.  I use towels on tile floors. Start in push-up position with your feet on the towel.  Holding your feet together slowly make 10 small circles with your feet by pulling them to the left up across and back down.  Do this 10 times then switch the direction and do it 10 more times the other way.  Making sure to maintain control of the circular motion.  You want it to be smooth and not jerky.  Two sets each direction is perfect.  As it becomes easier make the circles larger and larger.


The above super effective exercises will help give you a flatter belly with a well shaped body.   You don’t need to do all of these exercises every day.  In fact, it is best to mix it up.  You can set yourself a routine of 2-3 of these exercises every day then the following day change to another set of the exercises. Only best exercises lose belly fat, and these are my top 9.  Please leave any comments, questions, or your own experiences below.

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